Android apps and application development

The Android application development process for the new Verizon Droid phone is very similar to what you might do when developing iPhone apps. Google is the powerhouse behind the Android operating system that runs on Droid phones. Many technology experts and computer enthusiasts have praised the Android operating system for its extraordinary simplicity that makes Android application development, execution and use; a breeze. More and more people want to know what Droid phones and the Android application development platform have to offer to the smartphone world.

A company that wants to get into Android app development will first need to visit the Android developer website to download the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This kit is very similar to the one used for iPhone application development, although it is a little less easy to understand for non-expert computer programmers. Just like its iPhone counterpart, it also features a Droid emulator that software developers can use to test the functionality of their Android application. This is extraordinarily useful as no developer would want to have to load a piece of software on and off a Droid phone over and over again during the testing phase.

Another nice perk of the Android SDK is how well it fits into any developer’s development software suite, thus making the task of developing Android applications a breeze. It can be easily integrated into the Eclipse IDE to give developers the added benefit of being able to manage multiple projects, both for Droid phones and other platforms, with little or no hassle. In many ways, the Android operating system and the Droid phone are the combination of a developer’s dreams. Most of the Droid’s features are completely open source. Computer geeks and technophiles have long been waiting for a device that runs exclusively on software made by Google.

What will happen with the Android platform remains to be seen, but the start looks very optimistic. The Droid phone loaded with Android apps promises to be a sleek and extremely fast smartphone with unlimited options. There will always be a market for tech savvy among us. The Droid phone targets this market by offering a streamlined smartphone experience with an operating system designed from the ground up. With it, users are no longer held back by bloated legacy systems offering erroneous functionality. The Droid phone, once released, will soon give iPhone application developers a run for their money.

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