Offshore Android Application Development: Hire an Android App Developer or Find a Freelancer?

Google’s Android revolutionized the mobile app market. For a while it looked like iPhone would completely dominate the smartphone market, but the skyrocketing popularity of the Android OS changed the game. Programmers and developers love Android as it makes it easy to develop dynamic and innovative apps. Professional Android app developers also love the fact that the Android OS is free and open source software.

Android application development has quickly gained ground in the mobile app development market because it delivers what mobile users want. This platform is perfect for developing feature-rich, fast, dynamic, attractive and efficient apps. Consequently, many people are opting for Android application development.

Offshore Android development: when and why?

If you decide to develop an Android app and don’t have the skills and manpower required for Android development, you need to ask someone else to do it. If the person you hire doesn’t do a good job, your app is doomed to obscurity.

Furthermore, a seasoned professional Android app developer may prove too expensive. If you don’t have a deep pocket, you can’t ignore the cost benefit of project outsourcing. When you outsource your project, you can either find a freelancer or hire a professional app development from a software development company.

“Freelancer” and “Hired Developer”: What do these words really mean in terms of Android app development?

A number of freelancers post their profiles on different sites that help freelancers get in touch with potential employers. Many of these freelancers are professional developers with full-time jobs, while some of the profiles are created by agents looking to grab projects and then move on to developers for a commission.

A hired developer is someone who is already working as a full-time developer in a software development company (usually an offshore location). You pay the company a certain amount and “hire” the developer’s services for a specified duration or for a particular project. The company takes responsibility for the project and promises to provide infrastructure and technical assistance to the hired developer.

Pros and Cons: Freelancers and developers hired to develop Android apps

If you choose a freelancer for your Android application development project, you may end up waiting a lifetime for the project to finish. The problem is that you know nothing about the freelancer, and in the absence of a legal agreement, there isn’t much you can do if the freelancer delays your project indefinitely.

It is also not easy to find freelancers for Android development, as this development field is not yet as popular as iPhone developers in offshore locations. But you might get lucky and find a dedicated freelancer – in this case you can do a good job at a bargain price.

As long as you entrust your Android development work to a professional developer from a reputable company, you don’t have to worry about quality or timely delivery. While this approach ensures quality development, it costs a little more than freelancing.

What should be done then?

Developing freelance Android apps is a rather risky undertaking, but if you know a well-known freelancer who has previously worked for your friends or acquaintances, you’ve found the gold. However, if you want the security and certainty that your Android application development projects finish on time and on cost basis, it’s best to hire an app developer from a reputable mobile development company.

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