Kotlin: Hot trend of Android app development in the market

Since its invention, Java has dominated the Android app development market. Recently, another modern programming language is becoming immensely popular with Android developers around the world. Kotlin’s ranking is getting so high by the time the experts are expecting soon, this would become one of the top 20 programming languages ​​ever! This article will give you a brief insight into Kotlin and why this language is getting so much attention from developers.

An introduction to Kotlin

It is an open source language based on the Java Virtual machine (JVM). Kotlin is the brainchild of renowned JetBrains programmers based in Russia. This new language is now part of the latest version 3.0 of Android Studio.

Java has dominated the market for more than 20 years and obviously the flawless features and functionality it offers are of excellent quality. Otherwise, it is not possible to rule an unparalleled market all this time. However, it might sound strange but you can’t ignore the “aging” aspect of Java. Here is Kotlin in the photo. A new, modern and advanced Android dedicated language that offers a remarkable set of benefits. Read on and scroll through the list of benefits you can enjoy if you opt for Kotlin.

  • Interoperability

Can you think of the situation where two different programming languages ​​coexist in the same project? Well, with Kotlin, this is possible. While using Kotlin, there is no need to switch to a different project or change existing code. You can easily use the features offered by it and simplify the app development process.

  • Less coding

Let’s think about a simple thing! Why should you write a hundred lines of code when you can do this by writing only a few lines of code? Yes, the number of codes you have to write in Java to perform a particular task, you can do that by writing almost 20% less code in Kotlin. Well, no wonder why Android developers around the world are going crazy about it!

Undoubtedly, this “less coding” feature not only reduces the amount of standard coding, but also improves code execution.

  • Easy learning curve

One of the more intriguing facts about Kotlin is its easy learning curve. Unlike the Android O version, you can easily master it by going through the language reference list. It has a streamlined and intuitive syntax that is delicate for Java experts. If you already have Java skills, learning Kotlin is nothing for you!

  • Safe and secure

Working with Kotlin is a somewhat safer option for developers. Wondering why? Well, with the help of it, you can avoid crucial mistakes like NullPointExceptions. Its compiler automatically throws errors. Sometimes, a developer might overlook a small mistake, but all thanks to the Kotlin compiler that wouldn’t allow it.

  • Zero adoption cost

The term “free” or “zero cost” easily grabs people’s attention! Again, Kotlin would not disappoint users. Like? Well, this is an open source language. So, you shouldn’t have to spend a single penny to get it. Simply get a conversion tool that can convert all existing Java files to Kotlin and that’s it! You are ready to get started with this impressive high-end language.

Even though Kotlin is gaining popularity in the market exponentially, for beginners in the field of Android app development, it is always advisable to start the learning process with Java.

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