Factors Affecting Android Application Development

Unlike iPhone which has an exclusive phone manufacturer, Android has a large number of phone manufacturers. A wide variety of portable devices are available with Android. The driving force behind the association of this entire mobile brand is due to its open environment. App development is very simple compared to any other platform. There are many sources and tools available to help app development. A very strong support community is there to help with programming.

Google’s Android provides Software Development Kit (SDK) for building applications. With the release of each new version of the mobile operating system, Google releases the updated SDK for the respective operating system. The Google OS SDK helps the programmer write the code for the application.

SDK is used for application programming for the Android framework. It is up to the programmer’s imagination and the ability to customize the application for the phone. It offers the possibility to develop the program on the computer and test it before installation on the phone.

The Core Application API of the Android OS is the same one used for the application development process. This gives the programmer flexibility to choose any existing app program and make changes to its functionality or add functionality to it to develop a complete new application. It offers extensive permutations and combinations of options to create a unique program according to the programmer’s imagination. Reusability of existing app program code allows the developer to think beyond the concept that is already in use and helps to complete the task quickly. A large collection of library support is available for Android Mobile OS. These libraries extend the application development capability. This mobile operating system also supports a wide range of multimedia file formats for images, audio, video, etc. Google’s operating system development is Linux based at its core. Linux at its core manages the hardware resource and its driver. So when writing the code for the Android application it is important to consider the effect of Linux in mind.

To get the most benefit from Android app development you can only consider a professional company.

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