5 things to know before hiring an Android app developer

Today, the mobile app market has grown rapidly as one of the largest business promotion platforms with a large universal audience that grows rapidly every year. As the statistics reveal, the Android and iPhone market together dominate 98% of the smartphone market, with Android sharing 84% of the market share.

Due to the large universal presence of the Android app development market, it claims a potentially successful business marketing platform for every business. With a large customer base, the Android app market is also a highly competitive business market. So, to earn a recognized stand in the Android application market, you have to face the challenge of choosing the most appropriate Android app service provider.

Helping you with the biggest challenge here, we bring you 5 points you need to know before hiring an Android app developer:

1. Technical competence and specific knowledge of the requirements:

In-depth knowledge of coding is required for a well-tailored Android application, so the developer you will hire should have deep technical proficiency with the same. Also, the company you choose should have a good specific knowledge of the requirements. This can be judged by questions like: Have you worked on this type of requirement before? OR Can you walk me through a flowchart on how to meet my needs with the application? The answers to these questions will help you gain insight into the experience the Android app developer has in the relevant domain.

2. Experience and portfolio:

Every successful Android app development company or app developer will have an expressive portfolio along with some previously served customer case studies. You can review this portfolio and relevant case studies that allow you to judge the company’s technical skills. Along with this you should know the company’s experience, which refers to the number of years the company has been in business. With this, you can also ask the service provider for any referrals from previous clients from which you can get valuable feedback on the solutions provided by the service provider.

3. Features and functionality of your application:

One of the most important points you need to work on is the features and functionality of your app. You need to think carefully about the possibilities your app might boast as well as discussing the features and functionality parameters of the app with your favorite Android app service provider. This is an important part and will help the Android app developer you hire to make the app functionality more business oriented and meet your expectations.

4. Budget and targeted timing:

Another criterion for creating deals or the criterion for breaking deals is the “budget” you plan to invest in for app development. Before deciding the budget and the targeted timing for the Android app, it is necessary to study the various parameters by deciding the cost of developing the Android application together with the time required for the different customizations. Also, based on that, you can choose from the service provider’s preferred options to suit your budget and time goals.

5. App revenue generation model and ongoing support:

Before choosing a developer, you need to discuss your app’s revenue generation strategy with them. If the app features a paid download option or makes money from in-app purchases and pop-up ads, etc. Based on your needs, the service provider could add powerful backend technical support for the revenue generation model. With this, your Android app can be intelligently targeted to achieve great ROI (Return On Investment) and lead with a high business conversion rate.

Also, with the increased complexity of custom files Android app development services, you may need ongoing support for the app for better administration. So you need to know if the Android app development service provider you choose provides ongoing support at low cost.

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