Hire an Android App Developer – 5 Non-Technical Skills You Should Not Miss

Of course when you want to hire an Android developer, you will check their technical capabilities. You will check how used they are to the platform and if their skills best match your project requirements. You are absolutely right to do this, but as for the other aspects of the job, you could hire an Android programmer who is the best at Android application development, but what difference will it make if he has no basic non-technical skills.

Non-technical skills, even if they have nothing to do, are important to focus on, as the fluidity of the project will completely depend on the non-technical skills of the developer. Many potential customers often fail to verify this and are unsure which non-technical skills they should verify. Here are 5 non-technical skills you should check out when deciding to hire an Android developer:

Communication skills:No matter how good a developer needs his work, it is useless unless he is able to communicate his ideas clearly. Hire an android app developer, someone who is good with communication, someone who probably knows the language you speak, good communication will facilitate your task to a great extent. Remember, a good communicator is always a good listener, so check if he listens to you and can understand what you just said before answering.

Attention to the customer:Those providing services, whether they are Android app development service providers or just sales representatives in an established store, it is important that they are customer centric. Find out how focused the Android developer you want to hire is, only hire Google’s Android programmer if he shows complete interest in you and your project.

Work prioritization:Android application development is done on a stage basis, some issues need to be resolved based on priority, while others can wait. So hire an Android developer, who knows how to prioritize work to make sure the project goes the way you want. He / she should be able to prioritize your project when needed.

No ego:It’s always good to hire an Android programmer, who knows his job but becomes a problem if the same person has a big ego. Many Android programmers have big egos and act like they are the best and that their customers can’t control how the project goes. Acknowledge them before hiring them and make sure you have a friendly relationship with them throughout the process.

Powers of delegation:This is the most important aspect to check when hiring more than one Google Android developer to work at different levels of the project. Proper project delegation between them will ensure that your project is completed on time, with no hassle.

For best results and a smooth deal, make sure your android app developer has a good combination of technical and non-technical skills. While the technical skills will ensure the completion of the Android app development project without any technical problems, the non-technical skills will ensure that relationships remain smooth and friendly.

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